Wedding Dance Lessons

The journey to the wedding day.

We will help you through this journey you will become part of our family, the dance family. So many things are going on at this time, the planning, decision making and deadlines in almost everything seems like you guys don’t have time. Destress with music and dance see why this is great and pleasurable, energetic thing to do at this time dance together we promise you fun and the people at your wedding with have something to remember.

Wedding Dances

Wedding Dance choreography and coaching are one of our specialties. We will help you through this journey and during this time you will become part of our family – the dance family!

We know this is an incredibly stressful time with all the planning, decision making, and deadlines; however, we believe music and dance can help relieve stress and become a welcome break during a nerve-racking part of your life.

We strive to make this process fun in addition to providing your wedding guests with something special to remember.

First Dance

The “first dance” is one of the highlights of the wedding and is a public celebration between newlyweds that symbolizes the joy, love, and commitment to each other.

It typically takes place after the couple is announced at the beginning of the reception to a captive audience. Let us help you develop a memorable choreography tailored to your own personalized vision.

Parent and Child Dance

Be it Father & Daughter, Mother & Son Dance, Father, Father & Daughter, or Mother, Mother & Son Dances, these dances are common at wedding receptions even though some weddings might not have these family members available.

In a situation where none of the above is available, most people can substitute with a man or women of an older generation, such as an uncle or respected mentor.

It is also one of the most memorable dances but can be funny at times, very energetic, free, and a wonderful complement to your first dance. Friends, parents, guardians. Give thanks to them all and show them love and appreciation through this dance.

We highly recommend you schedule a few wedding dance lessons for them as well, usually 6-8 lessons at most.

Wedding Party Dance Routines

Want to go all out?  Get people to smash that “like” button on YouTube or post a viral Instagram video?

We can choreograph a “flash mob” worthy wedding dance, fun, and exciting with explosive moves that are set to your favorite music.  This routine is full of creativity and isn’t restricted like the first dance.  Make it a surprise, a touching routine, or have your wedding party arrive style.

This routine will be a special, fun, and memorable event you’ll want to re-live again and again.

Our Dance Studio

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