Dance Lessons

Dance Lessons

Weather you want to compete and go professional or you just want to have a good time at your next work or social event, we have the skills to teach you ballroom dance. Even if you have two left feet!


We generally break out ballroom dance into five different categories. Most of our students will want American Smooth, American Rhythm, or Social.


If you don’t know and just have a song that you want to learn how to dance to, then we can help with that as well!

American Smooth

In most places in America, this will be what people dance to when they think ballroom.

This includes four different dances: the formal American Waltz, the sultry Tango, the playful Foxtrot, and the faster Viennese Waltz.

American Rhythm

This style of dance is closer to what you may see on TV with a more fast and upbeat tempo.

This is made up of five different dances: sharp Cha-Cha, melodic Rumba, the timeless East Coast Swing, the expressive Bolero, and fast Mambo.


This is more of a catch-all term for dances that when you go out, you will see people dance to.

Dances in here include: the laid back West-Coast Swing, the sizzling Salsa, the close Night Club Two-Step, the talented leg work of Argentine Tango, the classic Jitterbug, and so many more!

Standard Ballroom

While they do have competitions here in America, with the exception of Quick Step, most of these dances won’t be played in a social setting; however, that doesn’t make them any less fun to learn!

They include: the prim and proper International Waltz, aggressive International Tango, the flowing International Viennese Waltz, jazzy International Foxtrot (sometimes referred to as a slow Fox Trot), and the near running Quick Step.


An even faster version than it’s American Rhythm counterpart, these styles focus on precision and a straight leg.

Included here are: the ultra sharp International Cha-Cha, the bouncy Samba, the sexy International Rumba, the fight of the matador with Paso Doble, and finally the high knee action of the Jive.

Our Dance Studio

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